What kind of region do we want to live in? New book launch by Yorkshire's We Share The Same Skies

We’ve featured Yorkshire regionalism a lot here - and particularly the works of the We Share The Same Skies collective in West Yorkshire. They’re about to launch a book next Wednesday evening in Leeds - location and times here - titled “What kind of region do we want to live in?”

[UPDATE: Free download of PDF version of the book here]

Here’s their blurb for the event:

Against the backdrop of political disarray on the national and international scene... flourishing independence movements in Scotland and Wales... and a dry, lumbering, and often overlooked drift towards regional 'devolution' in England... we ask: what kind of region do we want to live in?

The 'Same Skies Collective' is a network of people across West Yorkshire, passionate about helping to stir up debate and vision towards an inclusive and grassroots-led regional democracy in this part of the world.

(We understand 'regional democracy' to be a counter-point to 'regional devolution': a citizen-led approach, as opposed to something led by or even dictated from within the established political systems.)

We invite you to join us for the launch of a new book, co-written by a wide range of writers, exploring ideas about the future of West Yorkshire.

The event will feature readings from some of the writers - and also look at other projects we've run since forming in 2015. These include a creative map-making project we took to many of the markets of West Yorkshire, and a viral sticker campaign. We are also keen to hear from people interested in joining us for the next phase of this journey.

For all press enquiries for this event, please email: same.skies.wy@gmail.com.

Below is a panel of some of the writers and topics from the book. It will be available from the Same Skies blog, in both e-book and solid copy versions, after the event.