Adbusters goes for it with their new issue, "A Spiritual Crisis of Meaning"

We are not-so-guilty readers of AdBusters, the long-time Canadian journal committed to using media and culture to foment radical, counter-systemic change (mostly from the far left). Founded by ex-ad executive Kalle Lasn, the magazine is just a sustained fountain of "memes" - viral, shocking, memorable images and texts. Yet AdBusters has a focus and rigour that's sometimes rare to come by, in the social-media channels by which we usually find our cultural resources. 

AdBusters has managed to get a very large blob of mud to stick to the wall - the "Occupy Wall Street" protest which they called for on September 17, 2011 (see their holding page). Their current agitation is called A Billion People, whereby they want that number to be marching globally on Sept 17, 2018. It's not too clear whether they'll hit their target - their May 1st benchmark for a Global General Strike seems to have passed unremarked... But we never fault Adbusters for not trying. 

Their current issue - either titled "Fuck It All" or "A Spiritual Crisis of Meaning", it's not clear - is in the usual mode. Stunning, often brutal montages and collages, with very well chosen quotes and commissioned articles. We urge you to pay for the PDF ($5) - but here's some images to whet your appetite: