Want to apply your talents & skills to mitigating climate change? Sliced.org will hook you up


One response (and it’s only one) to the crank-up of climate urgency is to double-down on the idea of a green new deal - where we appeal to markets, state, innovations and technologists to shift their business model towards providing zero or negative carbon solutions/services. (See Robert Pollin and Carlota Perez’s work on this - Perez’s ‘European Green Way of Life’ particularly attractive).

There are a few important links to forge here. An obvious one is that between people who wish to apply their skills and qualifications to the cause of mitigating the climate crisis. And those companies and enterprises who also want to shift in that direction, and need the talent (and their commitment) to do so.

Enter Sliced.org (we were told about it by Roope Mokke, founder of Demos Helsinki). Their aim is really clear:

A bright, inspiring, and responsible future is possible. Sliced matches you with opportunities at ambitious projects and companies tackling the most pressing challenges of our time

Whether it’s highly paid full-time jobs, side projects, part-time gigs, remote work, or local activism — we have it. There’s hardly anything as exciting as working together as a humanity for a planet sized shared future.

Sliced is a service for the most motivated to make a significant impact on reversing climate change. Companies and individuals alike. We can help your company on your specific mission to reverse climate change in two ways:

Given our focus on climate change, we are able to send you high quality applicants who not only have a match with the skills your company is looking for, but who are also highly motivated to align with your mission.

Additionally, we can provide you a transparent channel to support your local community in its effort to reverse climate change and mitigate its negative consequences for your city and community.

Here’s a slide of what you see after the front page

We’re presuming that, like any talent brokerage, there will be some kind of levy or fee taken from the match-up. But what it strikingly demonstrates, in the way it puts volunteer activity and activism on the same plane as highly technical or applied commercial services, is that a modern Gen Y or Z worker is assumed to be planet-conscious. And that their active, purposeful lives have a number of pathways, ethical, commercial and perhaps crossing-over.

In our view, this integrates within a much bigger picture, alongside Extinction Rebellion and other new resurgences of green activism. There will have to be some institutional response to climate urgency. Better that those organisations are easily staffed, and readily re-strategised, towards planet-saving ends.

Below is their “Opportunities” page - exciting that these are some of the goals for the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs. For more, go here.

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