When the world arrives at your border: Cedric Harrou

Great story about an individual's commitment to respond to global problems. From Worldcrunch:  "Cédric Herrou, a 37-year-old farmer from southeastern France, appeared in court  in Nice for having illegally helped undocumented African migrants cross the Italian-French border. "I do it because it has to be done," Le Monde quotes him as saying."

Civil disobedience, non-compliance, being the change: this is the frontline of 2017 activism. Acting out an Alternative. More from Worldcrunch: 

The bearded farmer already gave an idea of how he would take whatever sanction comes his way: Before entering the courtroom yesterday, he told some 300 supporters gathered outside, "What I'm doing is not a sacrifice, it is an honor." Is this Herrou's real lesson? When the world's problems show up at your doorstep, you can send a message back out to the world — even if your own country doesn't have the answers.