Phone the Resistance Hotline!

From the team at Beautiful Trouble in the US

"Are you ready to amp up your resistance to Trumpism?
Do you need tips and tools for organizing and doing actions in your town?
Need exercises and agendas for training your group to take nonviolent action?
Want to find training to take your activism to the next level?
You’ve come to the right place.

This Resistance Hotline provides trustworthy one-on-one support for action planning needs. Post your question and within 24-48hrs hours one of our vetted, seasoned direct-action experts will respond to you. You can keep your question as vague (“How do I do a freeway banner drop?”) or as specific (“Bannon will be speaking in my city on Friday night and I’ve never planned a disruption. Help!”) as you feel comfortable posting. You can also direct message us with more specific questions, and if needed we will move the conversation to a more secure platform.

You can reach us by using this facebook page, calling us at 1-844-NVDA-NOW, or emailing us at Carrier pigeon options coming soon.

Resistance Hotline is in beta. Try it out and let us know what you think by sending feedback to

Of course there are potential risks involved, and we can’t take responsibility for your actions or how you use the information on this site. We advise that you seek local legal counsel for any questions on ramifications of civil disobedience. We recommend using secure communication tools for sensitive items or anything you don’t want people to know. (This is facebook, people.)

This service is brought to you by Beautiful Trouble and partners. Big thanks to the experienced activists who are staffing this page and standing by to receive eveyone’s questions!




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