The Alternative (UK) is a network of networks, curated along these lines:

  • Those who explore the challenge of how to be fully human? 
  • Those who are grappling with power and agency for communities at all levels
  • Those who can look at the world and see it as an interdependent whole, looking for ways to work better together

We call them the 3 realms: for more see here. As a backdrop to those realms, we bring

  • Techno-progressives – those who can look at the future with optimism, seeing the possibility of new resources, cultures and ways of being that create value for all of us
  • Creatives of all kinds: those who know better than to look for fixes from within the current systems and are up for digging deep to find new resources for imagination.

Facilitating this platform right now are people who arise directly from these networks:

Indra Adnan

Pat Kane

Peter Jenkinson

Shelagh Wright

Uffe Elbæk

Rasmus Nordqvist

Indy Johar

Peter McFadyen

Annabelle McFadyen

Teohna Williams

Dannii Evans

Simon Anholt

David Wood

Jonathan Rowson

Ronan Harrington

For more information, please mail info@thealternative.org.uk