Here's some radical children - agents of a better future, one way or another


We are still mulling over the vast implications of Impact Hub Birmingham's Radical Childcare plans (whose final development stages we were involved in a few weeks ago). But one of the things it has alerted us to is what they called "Children's Agency". A quote:

For too long children have been seen as citizens in waiting, or economic units in training. It’s time to invest in the agency of children to truly be co-creators and architects of the world around them. Children are citizens of the present, as well as the future. Instead of always asking what they want to be, we need to celebrate their talents and interests, respect and listen to their decisions and opinions, embrace their skills, and design for and with who they are.

This week, the meme world delivered us four examples of children's amazing agency - whether constitutional, therapeutic, or simply empathetic.

And finally, some useful relationship metaphors...