Alter Ego launch their new media platform asking - "Are we too overwhelmed to save the world?"


Yesterday our friends at the spiritual- political network Alter Ego launched their new media channel.

For the past two years we have partnered Alter Ego's growing global network of visionaries, influencers and activists who have been addressing the current crises and exploring new solutions for the challenges we face. 

Now they open up the conversation to the world - starting with a series of YouTube videos. 

Here's the launching blurb:

Our series is based on the premise that at the moment we are unprepared and underdeveloped--emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically --for our current political crises. We need to grow to meet the challenges of our time.

Political progress at a mass scale therefore begins, perhaps surprisingly, with personal development. We all need to do inner personal and political work to develop beyond our existing beliefs and assume more complex, unifying perspectives.

Rather than remaining insistent and righteous, we can recognise our political views as partial understandings of a more complex whole, and work to integrate different and seemingly opposing views.

Our polarised political culture—on right and left—doesn’t reward this. Yet.

But we can change that.

In this series, we’ll be using a developmental lens--focusing on the potential of humans to grow--as we explore the defining political issues of our age, so we can upgrade our political thinking and rise to the occasion.

Is there a way forward we can have hope in? In our first episode, we reveal one answer learned from two years of working with new political leaders: that hope lies in making psychological growth a cultural and political priority.

In Episode #1: Are We Too Overwhelmed To Save The World? (below) founder Ronan Harrington asks essential questions confronting the urgent need for a politics of time and well-being that can give people a chance to re-possess their own thoughts, and master their own reactions. In A/UK's I-We-World framework, this emphasis on the well being of the 'I'makes the optimisation of the We and the World possible. Or, as Alternativet puts it in their manifesto, the health of the person is directly connected to the health of society and of the planet. 

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