RENEW: "People from outside politics to renew Britain’s hope"


It's a time of (as our category tag has it) "democratic innovation". Among many other political projects carving out an "alternative path" in the UK - Flatpack Democracy, People Power Brum, Campfire Convention, The Fourth Group, Alter Ego, Something New, Transpolitica, Women's Equality Party - we welcome another project, RENEW

From Renew's About page:

We believe that if every British citizen lives up to our responsibility to each other, then we have never had a greater hope of achieving a life of opportunity for all. But right now, it seems that future is not possible. Living standards have been falling since 2008. Both Labour and the Conservatives have responded with scapegoating populism.

The return of identity politics has pushed us to extremes. We saw in 2008 what happens when capitalism is left unrestrained. The 1970’s showed socialism is also catastrophic. Both the state and private sector have important roles to play. Technology has changed how markets operate, rendering the old political distinctions between right and left irrelevant for the twenty first century.

....We believe in the common humanity of all people, that every person has a responsibility for the peace and prosperity of all humanity.

We have a dream – Britain as the innovation superpower that overcomes the great challenges of the 21st century to achieve peace and prosperity for all in this generation. That we revolutionise opportunity at home, end global extreme poverty and save the planet.

Imagine a girl born in Britain in 2018, how will she feel about our generation?

That we left her poorer and paying our debts, living with a changed climate and breathing toxic air as she grew up, feeling that we stole her future with Brexit when young people overwhelmingly voted to remain?

Or will she remember us as the Renew Generation? The generation that met our responsibilities and renewed hope in a better future?

Political parties have failed us. They cannot realise this dream. We need a new generation of people from outside politics to stand for election, lead our country and renew the British dream.

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