A few suggestions for an "alternative" weekend


The weekend is here! For many of us that means we've been gifted with an extra bit of time to get the hell out of our own carefully crafted bubble..see who else is starting something.

In case you're lost for ideas or open to suggestions - we present you with a few suggestions for time-investing in London and beyond. 


Have a play in a huge, colorful, inflatable, castle-like, sculpture - titled Villa Walala - created by textile designer Camille Walala. More info here.


Contemplate life and death at the Nunhead Cemetery in SE London. 


Create your slogan for change and put it on a t-shirt, a pillowcase, a banner at The Fabric of Protest creative workshop at People's History Museum in Manchester - happening every Saturday. 


Join the Sunday Assembly community for lusty chorals, moving stories, passionate speakers, tea and cake - all you need for a day of rest. The theme for this Sunday in London is "How Racist Is The UK?". Also events in Bristol, Brighton and others cities across the UK. More here.

Enjoy your weekend! And do you have any suggestions for Alternative Weekend activities? Please mail us here.