"Dance or die": Ahmad Joudeh defies ISIS with ballet

Another tale of social beauty, from the scattering of Syrians across the world (see yesterday's post). Here's the blurb for the YouTube video above:

Can refugee Ahmad Joudeh use dance to change minds? From performing in the streets of war-torn Syria he received death threats from ISIS, but kept dancing anyways. Now Ahmad hopes to use his love for dance as a message for peace with the Dutch National Ballet, all the while battling his own inner demons.

More on Ahmad here. Two small details. Ahmad has a tattoo on the back of his neck: "Dance or die". As he says in the clip above, "it's at the place on the neck where they [ISIS] chop the heads". 

And Ahmad made a point of dancing in the ruins of Palmyra theatre, which was previously used for executions by Isis: