The World Transformed: Take Back Real Control

One of the tasks we've set ourselves in The Alternative UK is to "join up the good dots" of creative activism across these islands - especially that which focuses on the creativity, experience and participation of communities. 

So it's of interest to see that Momentum, the post-Corbyn movement arm of the Labour Party, is kicking off a series of local events called Take Back Real Control (the newsletter is here, and the website is here. Details:

The first event will take place in Sunderland on April 1st, with subsequent events in Plymouth, Barnsley, Bradford, Hastings, Croydon, Dagenham, Tower Hamlets, York and Norfolk. Each event will be a mixture of talks, workshops, skill sharing sessions, gigs and cultural events that will reflect the politics and culture of the local area. 

Those highlighted words match something of the mix we want to explore and develop with our "political laboratories" in the next few years. In our case, we WON'T be engaging with communities with a pre-set ideological analysis - we want  policies and visions to emerge from exploration and experiment.

But anyone should welcome an attempt to infuse political discussion with fresh and vibrant new elements coming from culture and performance.