From wind, sun, wave and Tesla batteries, Orkney is building the energy future

Orkney is always an amazing place to consider sustainability in its broadest sense - culturally and socially as well as environmentally. This Fully Charged video on Orkney - part 1 and part 3 are here - shows how the Orcadians (combining local initiative with the support of the Scottish Government) are piecing together the various elements of an energy grid that easily achieves 100% carbon-free production. There's even enough generated to sell back to the main grid, which further benefits the community.

Fully Charged is also an interesting project - the actor Robert Llewellyn (who plays Kryten in Red Dwarf) has built up a considerable archive of self-made documentaries on renewable energy (with an early focus on electric cars), and now funds it from his Patreon platform. One alternative way to fund a media that people can use and trust.