Rasmus Nordqvisk from Alternativet in Denmark - taken from PPB made by Lars Von Trier

Rasmus Nordqvisk from Alternativet in Denmark - taken from PPB made by Lars Von Trier

In 2017, only 2% of people in the UK think it’s worth their time and money to join a political party. And yet these political parties are running the entire show, doing more to divide us than bring us together. And we need to come together to face the urgent challenges of a burning planet, endemic poverty and the onrushing future.

The Alternative is a global network of political ‘platforms’ - a place for you to see and engage with creative initiatives and people, who are working towards a new political system, culture and vision. One that works for humans in all their complexities, communities – local, municipal, national - and the globe.

The original Alternative 'platform', founded by Uffe Elbaek in Denmark, has a political party on it (read this paper from Uffe that explains the history and strategy of Alternativet in Denmark). That is not on our UK agenda for now, as our unfair - meaning unproportional - electoral system would make it irrelevant. Instead we are focused on bringing individuals, networks and initiatives together.

We will do that principally through designing and facilitating political ‘laboratories’ where people up and down the country can, through their individual and shared creativity, work out what "being human", "being social and "being global" means to them. And from that understanding, re-imagine a politics that serves them better.

At the same time, this site will bring together the vital work being done across the country to establish a genuine Alternative to the current political system, culture and establishment. 

Here is everything you need to know about Alternativet - which, after only one electoral cycle became the fastest growing party in Denmark with 9 seats.

We share the values they are built on. We also share their love of art, creativity, design and play as drivers for change. We also share their sense of urgency to transform the political system.

At the heart of our project is a belief that the health of the human being is directly linked to the health of the planet.