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Here's the Story So Far


The events of 2016 brought to a crunch what we’ve known for some time:


politics is broken.


It has left us – nationally and globally – deeply divided... a moment in history when we need to deeply connect with each other. 


we face huge issues:


* a warming planet


* poverty


* the challenges of radical innovation


In the UK, only 2% of the registered electorate think that political parties are attractive or effective enough to sign up to one.


Is there a better way to do politics than from within the current political bubble?


We live in a complex reality of individuals and communities linking at local, national and global levels.


We know this - we live this.


if we harnessed our creative resources – arts, technology, social networks....


Maybe we could forge a politics which matched our complex, modern lives?


This is what The Alternative will try to do, through what we call "political laboratories".




A 'political laboratory' is an event where citizens, artists, workers, friends and families give themselves the space and time to explore their desires for a better world. 


The 'results' of these labs will be published here. visitors will be encouraged to use these results in their own lives, organisations and communities - and tell their stories here. 


If they want to, they can set up their own Political laboratories. We will help, if asked, with whatever resources we have available.


To start off, we are pursuing three topics in our labs (click each panel to find out more):

woman skating.jpg

Behind our democratic deficit lies an imagination deficit. 

The Alternative UK is a new social, cultural and digital platform that re-imagines politics.

We join up the dots between the many good political initiatives taking place individually, locally and globally.

We offer political laboratories to facilitate change wherever YOU are.

We invite creatives – of all kinds – to show us a future we can all look forward to

with thanks to Networks, "SIZQ"