The Red Religion and the Blue Church

Pretty dense but ultimately startling essay about the Trump project as a new kind of "collective intelligence" - battling the old order on all fronts, and gearing up for a culture war between itself ("the Red Religion") and what it regards as the liberal, multicultural establishment ("the Blue Church"). Not sure whether it's an analysis of the problem, or a symptom - but a compelling read.

Big old scary quote:

This Culture War will be unlike anything we have ever seen. It will take place everywhere all at once, constrained less by geography than by technical platform and by the complex relationship between innovation and power on an exponential technology curve. It will be a struggle over not just the content, but the very sense and nature of identity, meaning and purpose. It will mutate so quickly and will evolve so rapidly that all of our legacy techniques (both psychological and institutional) for making sense of and responding to the world will melt into so much tapioca. This will be terrifying. It is also the source of our best hope.