Eight patterns for decentralised organising, from Loomio and Enspiral

Horizontalism - that is, a suspicion of hierarchies and elites, meeting a willingness to explore new ways of acting together with peers, fellow workers and citizens - is the spirit of the age. Yet beyond the surge of being part of a movement, in a moment of crisis and drama, how can we do horizontalism in our everyday lives - to get stuff done and made? 

Loomio and Enspiral are two digital platforms who are consciously exploring how non-hierarchical organisation can happen, and the methods and practices that - if carefully followed - will make it work at its best. 

This presentation - on eight patterns that should be followed for decentralised organising - was made in Manchester, Sept 14th of this year, by Richard D. Bartlett (or @richdecibels on Medium). Richard is a founder of Loomio and a member of Enspiral, and he's a proselytizer for their collaborative experiments - see articles below, and interview:

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