More reflections on CtrlShift at Wigan - & a conference video with quiet confidence

The CtrlShift conference in Wigan that A/UK was involved in (see our blogs around it) has unleashed a lot of energy. The Twitter account is lively, with a plethora of blogs and commentaries on the event linkable.

Above is a short conference video with some speakers from the event, including A/UK's Indra Adnan and Transition Town's Rob Hopkins - their contributions below:

Rob Hopkins: My aspirations for the current world is that we figure out the skilful ways to work together. That we realise we have much more influence and control and possibility in the places where we live than we might think that we do. And at the moment we all seem to be increasingly isolated from each other. The real work is to find ways to bring people together with the least barriers to engagement, creating conversations, opening space where people can ask, 'what if?' together. [Rob's full report on CtrlShift is here]

Indra Adnan: People who are invested in the ways of the past, who have the power, will create the barriers. And they still have most of the tools and the resources. So it's quite a challenge for people who can see possibility for the future, to really get that coming together is the point, is the work. Unless we do that we'll never really challenge those who have power. [Indra's full report on CtrlShift is here]

More pieces here:

  • The Road From Wigan Pier - Naresh Giangrande: "The reason why this gathering of grass roots organisations was so important was the recognition that we are facing systemic problems, problems which can only be solved at a systemic level. There was a general recognition that as we are facing a large, well resourced and powerful system which those who are profiting from can and will defend, that our individual efforts are bound to fail. However our collective and coordinated efforts just might be more successful."
  • Jam and Justice - Bertie Russell: "The most hopeful aspect of #ctrlshift2018 was the collaborative commitment to move away from deficit thinking and towards the recognition of our own solutions, and by extension, our own power."
The partner list at CtrlShift2018

The partner list at CtrlShift2018