Let Iceland cleanse you, let some Alabama quilters shroud you, and let a baby give you strength. Three videos for your insides

It’s inflamed, and smoky out there… here’s a trio of movies that might cleanse your soul and revive your spirits.


Above is Islandia. The blurb:

Islandia is a non-narrative two minutes short drone film about primal beauty of Iceland.

Islandia is a Latin name for Iceland and relative to the old language since this film portraits the primordial and rough nature of Iceland. For the short duration of the film, you will be transported to a place that easily could be a million years ago. From unbelievable landscapes and vast valleys to painting-like terrain and majestic waterfalls and lakes - this film shows the unparalleled beauty of Iceland and its unearthly glory.

Please sit back and enjoy the flight.


While I Yet Live. From Aeon:

Gee’s Bend (also known as Boykin) is an isolated hamlet encircled by the Alabama River, with a population of roughly 100 people, most of them African American.

The tight-knit community has been known for its quilting culture for decades, including its role in the Freedom Quilting Bee – a cooperative based in nearby Rehobeth that was founded in 1966 to give African-American women a means to earn their own income.

The initiative later helped to bring wider recognition to the region’s distinctively colourful and eclectic quilting style, including an exhibition at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

The short documentary While I Yet Live by the Los Angeles-based director Maris Curran is a rhythmic and gently reverential glimpse into the quilting community of Gee’s Bend today, offering a sojourn with five quilters as they sew, sing and reflect on the ongoing struggle for civil rights and their love of community and craft.


From the Facebook page Conversations That Mind And Matter. Need any better metaphor for how to proceed, carefully but fearlessly, into this roller-coaster future? Thought not. (Spoiler: the kid makes it).

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