Love in the midst of conflict, Shanghai dreaming, and a fragile acceleration: 3 soul-food videos

Sometimes you can only say it as a little movie - three short pieces to move, inspire and delight you, at the end of yet another thundering week. A cup dipped into the digital plenitude…

Love in Conflict (CNN Motion, 2019)

From the Motion Maestros at CNN - some great animated news stories here - a story of five love letters written out of the heart of wartime situations, past and present.

Vhils - Realm (Shanghai, 2019)

Following on from our blog last week on Radii, another journey into the new Chinese modernity - this time, refracted through the sculptures of Portugal’s Vhils, currently exhibiting in Shanghai, and with this film showing his unique wall-sculpture-portraits being created throughout this maximum city. Does this kind of work subvert, or normalise, the regime of facial techno-surveillance that now dominates the life of major cities in China?

Weval - “Someday”

The filmmaker Paraic McGloughlin and the musician Weval worked on this film with the following notes:

“We created an abstract journey with a sense of ambiguity holding underlying core concepts:

  • Where are we going, are we going in the right direction? 

  • Our situation on earth is fragile, as individuals, as a people and the planet itself is delicate.

  • Nothing is certain; life can change dramatically for better or for worse in an instant.

  • We may fear losing what we have but we try to hold on.”

Thanks to the Vimeo Staff Picks page