Welcome to Emerge - a non-profit media platform that is "sowing the seeds of a new civilisation".

We are always keen to promote media outlets that frame the world in a non-aggressive, pluralist and dialogue-based way, To that end, here is Emerge - an ambitious media platform, comprising text interviews, podcasts and meeting spaces. Their “about” blurb:

We are exploring how to act wisely in a world that seems out of control. We aim to explore the emerging cultural narratives of our time by collecting useful content from across the web, profiling change makers and thinkers, publishing thought-provoking commentary and producing original videos and podcasts.

We are living in times of profound transition where our ways of working, communicating and governing are quickly transforming. Many of our received wisdoms, habits and perspectives are becoming obsolete. What will emerge in the vacuum created by this disruption is not yet clear, but some critical questions hang in the balance;

  • Will we manage to avert ecological crisis?

  • Will the story of the internet be one of powerful collaboration, or intense polarisation?

  • Will we find a way to remedy the unprecedented levels of loneliness, depression and anxiety in modern societies?

Nobody knows what the world will look like in 20 years time. At Emerge we believe that we all have a part to play in weaving a new story for humanity and our planet.

Some highlights from their opening edition are:

Doing: We Create Reality - see video embed above - is the first in a three part documentary series which asks: “is it possible to shift to a collaboration paradigm with each other, and with the Earth?”

Twelve Tribes of Transformation: Awakening the Active Ingredients of a New Civilisation, essay by Jonathan Rowson. “We need our tribes to be less like self-serving interest groups and more like nourishing eco-systems learning how to help each other in a regenerative, awakening world.”

Pheobe Tickell says “we need a new story of what it means to be human… I believe that we are in a period of story break-down, an era that Joanna Macy refers to as ‘The Great Unravelling’”

And on the front page, a certain A/UK co-initiator well known about these parts…From Politics to Partnership: Finding an Alternative.

We should also note that Daniel Larsen’s excellent and visionary Emerge podcast series has been integrated into the whole Emerge platform - the most recent interview being with Jem Bendell, who speaks about his “Deep Adaptation” essay that’s caused such intense discussion in environmental circles over the last few months.