A/UK at Barbican's We Know Not What We May Be - and videos of other speakers too


Some excellent videos have just gone up of speakers from Metis/Barbican’s recent We Know Not What We May Be event - where A/UK’s Indra Adnan (see below) was a speaker. From their blurb:

This is a collaborative and immersive experiment for the invention of the future that invites you to rehearse possible tomorrows. Dealing with big ideas like artificial intelligence, automation, universal basic income, carbon tax and intellectual property in the context of climate change, this performance installation puts people at the heart of the decision-making process…

Part conference, part durational artwork, part immersive installation, WE KNOW NOT invites conversation – and each ‘shift’ is opened by a visionary speaker.

A selection of more of them below (the full video list is here, at Metis’s Zoe Svendsen’s Vimeo page):

Indra Adnan

Anna Coote (from 2.00)

Fran Boait (from start)

Kriti Sharma

Peter Newell