Defending the human against the algorithm, making the city live at night - and more. New videos from FutureFest

More aftershocks from our mega-festival weekend. To be specific, here's the first batch of keynote videos from FutureFest (which The Alternative UK was heavily involved in, with two sessions, and including A/UK co-initiator Pat Kane as its lead curator). 

The range of topics stretches from "how blockchain can save the world" to "how we can resist the machines" (and "support Team Human"). From "the tangle of mind and matter" to "defending our inner levels of mental healthy from inequality". From "geopolitics of artificial intelligence" to "how governments can shape the future".

And more and more rolling our over the next few weeks and months (the FutureFest 18 playlist is here)

We are delighted to stay in touch with FutureFest, as our own interest in how communities can connect and exert power over radical innovation - and indeed, "occupy the future" - develops.

Here's an embed of some of our highlights so far - with Imogen Heap on her new music platform Mycelia at the top,  and below Vinay Gupta on blockchain, Douglas Rushkoff on Team Human, Pickett and Wilkinson on psychology and inequality, Evgeny Morozov on the geopolitics of artificial intelligence, Paul Mason on how to resist the machines, and Amy Lame and Annie Mac on the future of the nighttime city.