First find a purpose, then build a platform, then test a prototype: Bootcamp with the New Citizenship Project

We've been supportive of New Citizenship Project and their attempt to promote #CitizenShift among organisations, both society- and market-facing. As they say below:

The #CitizenShift is the framework on which all of our work as the New Citizenship Project is based. It is a way of understanding the current period of intense change, viewing this upheaval through the lens of an underlying shift from Subject to Consumer to Citizen as the dominant idea of the individual in society. We see this as a shift which unleashes our true potential: we believe that when given the opportunity, people can and want to shape the society we live in.

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 18.08.06.gif

The Project runs Bootcamps to take people through how they can get their organisations to embody that shift - and one is coming up on the 12th July in London, titled "Participatory Membership Bootcamp". They work on a methodology of purpose, platform and prototype (graphic below taken from their Impact report):

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 18.14.02.gif

As an open-source platform, we're happy to share our own methods, and assume that others are willing to share theirs. We've chatted with NCP about access to their Bootcamp - which, for large organisations, isn't cheap - and they've asked us to pass on this message to Alternative UK readers:

We want to make this bootcamp as accessible as possible and want to encourage organisations of all sizes to participate, so if costs are a barrier, please do get in touch with us (

If you're interested, please mail them above, and say you sent us there.