Democracy In Motion - a new, Alternative-style party making waves in Germany


On recent travels to Berlin, we were delighted to encounter a bright and new young party, very much in the Danish Alternativet mode, called Democracy in Motion (or Demokratie in Bewegung). Their representative, Clemens Holtmann, gave us their headlines

  • Our Party was founded one year ago
  • We focus on doing politics differently: participation, transparent, cocreation, respectful communication
  • We are based on four values: 1) Democracy, participation, transparence 2) Justice on social, political, economic, and environmental issues 3) Cosmopolitanism and diversity 4) Future-oriented sustainability
  • We will participate in the European parliament elections (maybe together with DiEM25) [See this report]
  • From late summer, we are looking for ways to make local politics more attractive and modern

There is more on an English-language Wikipedia site. But the culture of the party is maybe best evident in this early YouTube video they made - the party was launched when 100,000 people signed up to a petition, which this video kicked off. We have written down their own translation of the German script below (the images will help you follow):


In our democracy we are allowed to vote every four years. But many people do not do it anymore or only with stomach ache.

They have the feeling: "My voice will not be heard anyway". But democracy lives from anticipation.

We have developed a system to revive democracy. In Democracy In Motion, no one needs to be a member of the party in order to participate.

Our process follows a clear set of rules. 

Everyone is invited to contribute ideas, also via internet or telephone. This is how our program is created.  If this idea finds enough supporters, it becomes a so-called "program initiative". 

Now the discussion begins. The best ideas prevail. But that does not mean that everything can find its way into the party program. 

Democracy in Motion has values that are non-negotiable. We are cosmopolitan, transparent, future-oriented and fair. 

An independent body ensures that no program initiative violates these values. 

With us there are no deputies, but advocates. They are tied to the Party's programme in parliament, not to their leadership.

After two terms, their office is over. So we decouple personal interests from political work. We make democracy part of the decision. 

Participation is the heart of Democracy In Motion, both digital and analog. 

We came upon Democracy in Motion while speaking and attending at this year's Innocracy. We will follow their progress with great interest.