"Being alone is hard. Not being alone is hard." A gallery of art, depicting Isolation Nation

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From the blurb on Hunger TV:

Being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely, in fact it can be the most liberating time of all. But sometimes its as isolating as ever. Loneliness can be one of the most consuming feelings, even when you’re in a room filled with people: anxiety, sadness, and mental health issues of all kinds can leave us feeling like we’re in a whole other world to the rest of our real one. To show you you’re not alone, here are ten creatives who explore these feelings and find solace in their art, so we hope you find solace in them too.

The thumbnails on the pics are below, with a direct artist link beneath each one. We've covered loneliness as the basis for new political language consistently on the DA - see here

And here's some recent news tags on loneliness from The Guardian, the New York Times (where the lead story finds there's been a recent rise in sadness throughout pop music), Psychology Today, and Aeon.