How to change the world. Who's asking? Channel Four News. With Caroline Lucas front and centre.

We are noticing, all over the media landscape - Positive News, Aditya Charkrabortty's Alternatives in the Guardian, BBC's World Hacks, the media platforms around Corbynism and the Scottish Indy movement, and of course here - that certain sections of journalism are beginning to consciously practice solutions-based, or constructive, or action-inspiring news. Earlier this week, we were delighted to hear Patrick Chalmers, (whose event launching his film on Citizens' Assemblies we've covered) announce his documentary series All Hands On as an example of solutions-based journalism. 

Channel Four News hasn't quite fallen in with this, but it has set up this new YouTube and podcast series called Ways To Change The World. C4 News has a deserved reputation for establishment-rattling news (see its work on the Windrush and Cambridge Analytica scandals). But here it seems to be responding to the pressure from its audience to give off-centre media voices much less edited and compressed access to its channels. 

So it's a delight to see the UK Green Party's Caroline Lucas - so often struggling to establish even her basic world-view in the mainstream media - given a full and respectful 30 mins in this format (podcast here, and full interview on YouTube below).