Summer Events For Change: Purpose Summit, The Rules' Culture Hack, Nordic Women's Gathering

Recently A/UK participated in CtrlShift: An Emergency Summit for Change (read Indra's report on the event here) and shortly before that we took part in the FemmeQ Summit, devoted to the rise of Feminine Intelligence. 

There's a lot of these types of events popping up - call them summits, gatherings, assemblies, conventions or retreats - all over Europe and the world. And it is indeed exciting to see activists of all kind join forces to explore solutions to our challenges, whether it be with the focus of the individual, the collective or the global.

When current politics is not responding to the urgency of our crisis; we must take matters into our own hands. 

For the month of June we can recommend these three - a purpose summit in Belin, culture hack lab in Somerset and women's gathering in Sweden - put on by some great people in our networks. 


The Purpose Summit, Berlin

The Purpose Summit in Berlin on June 2-3 offers two days of insights and inspiration from over thirty purpose-driven leaders and the opportunity to be a part of one global movement of transition.


  • Find and live your purpose
  • Experience engaging workshops and inspiring speakers
  • Link your project to global organizations
  • Scale your impact
  • Network with a like-minded community of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and spiritual activists from around the world

The speakers include thought-leader and author Nick Jankel, gender futurist Elizabeth Debold and philosopher, author and activist Terry Patten.

Watch the trailer for the event above. More info and tickets here


CULTURE HACK LIVE: Managing The Inevitable Transition

The Rules has been testing a methodology to combine big data analytics with cognitive linguistics, memetics, anthropology and social psychology to makes sense of and then intentionally engage in the narratives that support the global transition to a post-capitalist world. 

In June (4-8) The Rules are partherning with 42 acres to host the first week of 'immersion' into the culture hack method. And it's all taking place in the beautiful surroundings of 42 acres' retreat center in Somerset.


The invitation:

Are you a culture hacker, meme warrior or advocate of alternative narratives?
If so, there are 15 places available to join us for a week immersion into "culture hacking". 

Participants in the workshop will be provided with ongoing access to data sets, data analysis and semantic analysis on narratives they work on. They will also have the opportunity to join a growing community-of-practice-the Culture Hack Network. 

Interested in applying? please fill out this form: There are limited solidarity spaces for those working with reduce or no fee.

Apply through this link. The deadline is April 15 - so hurry up if you're interested in taking part.



Nordic Women's Gathering

The Nordic Women's Gathering is the embodiment of the Womiphesto, written by four founding women, and a call for women to step into their true power:

We are ready to embody a womanhood that merges ancient wisdom with our current day reality, one that honours the duality of life; darkness and light dancing, chaos and order, feminine and masculine. A radiant womanhood that can heal, awaken and unite to bring forth a better future for ourselves and the world.

Each and every one of us  will play an important role in the energy created. The gathering is more than merely an experience or personal healing journey – the purpose is to bring together the women who are ready, with the support of sisters, to awaken feminine leadership and step into a womanhood that we and the world is longing for.

The weekend will be led by some of the most inspiring facilitators in Northern Europe who in various ways embody a womanhood of the future. Through three festival style days of workshops, inspiration, dancing, celebration and connection, the facilitators will hold space for all participants to explore, challenge, embrace and encourage each other to: release, surrender, integrate, realize and sisterhood. 

The gathering will be held in Sweden on June 22-24. More here.