Man-Demonstrative: Short List's videos puts masculinity to a sweet test

If there's more to power than parties, and if (as the feminists always said) the personal is the political, then it's interesting to see how men are becoming self-conscious about their masculinity, and what it suppresses and constrains about their lives.

#MeToo is no doubt accelerating the self-inquiry - but it needs to come forth into the public realm, as well as be a private dialogue. 

Short List, the free lifestyle magazine, has been sending out some charming but substantial videos recently, which put men beautifully on the spot about their masculinity. Jordan Stephens from Rizzle Kicks has put out the direct message above, on Toxic Masculinity (backed up by this Guardian article). 

And below, a fun thing to do, and with lovely reactions - what happens when footballers are given bunches of flowers as "man of the match"?