Robots and AI: all the things they’ll do. We must apply our intelligence for the best result, says Martin Ford


Martin Ford’s new book Architects of Intelligence is, like Rise of the Robots before it, an essential and practical guide to how we should respond to the march of the machines upon our mental and manual labours - and even our creativity. 

Martin is an assiduous tweeter, so we thought we’d give a sense of how teeming this field is, by selecting highlights from just one month of his social media posts. Each link below takes you into a world where routine human action, whether physical or cognitive, is being replaced by intelligent machines.

Our political response here, at A/UK, is to firmly stick to the agenda of releasing more time, or more economic security, in those humans displaced by the machines. But it may help concentrate the mind if the tsunami waves can be more clearly seen. So with no further hesitation - it’s Robots and Ai’s. All the things they’ll do (in November 2018, at least)

Robot farmers are here

Robot taxis are coming 

Robots replace Xmas workers at Amazon

Robots evict humans from warehouses entirely

Robots will build the cities of the future (and more

Robot is the size of an insect

Robots are “evolving” (weirdness ensues)

Robots watch YouTube, copying humans

Robots get a sense of touch

Robot hands pick at incredibly high speeds 

Robot does parkour

Robots (15 of them) that are changing the world of medicine

Robots will increase inequality

Robots want your job (they really, really do)

Robots wil build robots

Robots in Las Vegas

Robot explorers