Come to Westminster, find your MP, & tell them to support proportional representation, on Dec 11th

Future Democracy, by  the Cisco Kid

Future Democracy, by the Cisco Kid

It should be simple: if a party gets 30% of the votes, they should win 30% of the seats.

The Alternative has long supported the introduction of Proportional Representation for UK general elections, so that seats match votes and all votes count equally. See this Channel Four News article for how the 2017 General Election would have panned out under different electoral systems.

(Our inspiration, Alternativet in Denmark, are a brand new party that have directly benefitted from their proportional system with a 10-strong presence in the Folketinget, the Danish Parliament).

Proportional Representation is critical to creating a progressive, equal, truly democratic Britain. We’re inviting you to take action to make this a reality in the UK.

Will you join the People’s Lobby for Proportional Representation on Tuesday 11th December?

This December, the cross-party movement for PR will descend on Parliament for a mass lobby, organised by Make Votes Matter and co-hosted by MPs from five political parties.

There’s never been a more important time for this. Even the Labour Party - the traditional stumbling block for electoral reform - is coming under pressure from its own membership to back Proportional Representation.

But this is a battle we can only win by working together with all those who want fair votes. Now is the time to take action alongside supporters of all parties who want real democracy in the UK.

Show your support for fair votes by coming to the People’s Lobby for PR

Here’s what’s happening through the day:

People’s Lobby for Proportional Representation - 11th December, 12pm Westminster

  • On Tuesday 11th December, the movement for Proportional Representation will lobby Parliament, calling on our MPs to back fair votes.

  • Coordinated by Make Votes Matter and co-hosted by cross-party MPs, this will be an opportunity to push electoral reform to the top of the political agenda.

  • The day will start off at 12pm at St. James the Less, Pimlico to hear from cross-party MPs, before lobbyists head to Parliament throughout the afternoon.

  • After a busy afternoon of lobbying, attendees are invited to join us in the evening for the Democracy Awards at 5pm, hosted by Tommy Sheppard MP in Portcullis House.

  • For more information about the People’s Lobby for PR, click here.

For social media, use these hashtags: #PeoplesLobby4PR #PLPR