Kate Raworth - of Doughnut Economics fame - presents her "Seaside Reads to Change the World"


A nice idea that grew into a very useful one. Kate Raworth, author of the popular and influential sustainability book Doughnut Economics, was browsing in “her favourite seaside second-hand bookshop” a month ago, when the owner asked her what would a shelf of “books to save the world” would look like.

Taking herself to Twitter to ask the same question, she received over 300 quality replies - and has compiled them into a PDF and Google sheet. (If you’d like to see them as a somewhat fiddly eco-system of ideas, try this).

Any such list is going to be contestable - but that is surely the point, and the fun of it. Perhaps it’s something to ask your own peers on social media? Here’s the categories that the suggestions have fallen under (the PDF allows you to click from them to each range of books). Now we just need a beach, and a lot of time...

  • Designing for Change

  • Ecological Awakening

  • Fiction

  • Food

  • History for Tomorrow

  • Individual Action

  • New Economy

  • Paradigm Change

  • Power and Political Change

  • Psychology and Change

  • Shared Humanity

  • Social Change

  • Spiritual Journey

  • Technology

  • Transforming Business

  • Women and Feminism