The Alternative UK is appearing in a podcast near you...


Our co-initiator Indra Adnan has been busy engaging in European and global networks, recording a few podcasts that might be of interest to regular readers. Every time we get a chance to explain the “friendly revolution”, it becomes a little clearer to us (and hopefully you).

Emerge Podcast

The most recent is with the Emerge podcast, coming out of Boulder, Colorado - which defines its ambit in this way:

In the smoking ruins, celebrities, companies, and politicians battle for for our attentionDisrupters are being disrupted while society fragments, upending long-held political and social norms, throwing our culture into chaos, and setting citizen at the throat of citizen, all while the privileged few reap ungodly profits.

As this battle rages, a new world and a new story of what it means to be human is quietly taking shape. This new world invites us to question everything that has taken our species to this point, to re-examine the basic assumptions and concepts that undergird human civilization.

The conversation with Indra - entitled “Catalyzing a Networked Politics with The Alternative UK” - is below the following blurb:

We talk about the Alternative’s approach to political change, her development of a transformative movement building event that Indra calls a ‘Collaboratory’, and the new networked story of collective evolution that the Alternative is helping to catalyze.

Making Art, Making Politics: Concordia University, Montreal

The A/UK is part of Alternativet’s Political-Party-In-Residence at Concordia University, Montreal - see these blogs for more - and Indra took part in the second session a few months ago, with Uffe Elbeak, the founder of the Danish party.

This podcast features Uffe, Indra, and Rebecca Duclos (Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University) talking about politics, the arts, soft power and remaking political culture. 

The podcast link is available here.