Bring us a future life not sunk in the ocean. Poems by Or at the Plymouth/South Devon ‘Inquiry’ event

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A talented young artist kicked of our South Devon & Plymouth ‘Inquiry’ event at the Devonport Guildhall yesterday. Or is just 15, yet already a true ‘poetician’. This was his debut performing his poetry.

We’re delighted to share three of his poems (all without title).

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Sitting. Broken.

Sick with emotion

All words spoken

Truth is chokin'

And I'm left hopin'

for a future life in motion

To change its commotion

Bring us a future life not sunk in the ocean

One not trampled by a derived strive

Strife. A divine strike.

Pried from government eyes

Sit. While innocents die

I survive

To tell the tale of a culture's thrive

We bleed other's blood in our own home

Blissful. Unaware of the life we stole

Watch TV under blood soaked coal

And eat bread coming from the poverty hole

Our heartbreaks worse than the days toll

For young kids stuck in the workers role

A whole roll of well noone else knows

The rich roll the dice and a one shows

How can!

We let the system thrive

Drip warm wax,

Into our open eyes

How can!

We let people die

Screaming blame on those

On a deafened high

How can this world

accept the tragedy? How?


Adolescents dilate twice now.

For the taste of adulthood.

They gotta feel older somehow.

And this is a way they could.

Blowing through life's mistakes before

it gets them. No they're not delirious.

They're merely searching, seeking for

The vaccine known as experience.

Dilapidated on the shore

A past presents people of now

Finding a someway, a somehow

National stands stand for few

Separated Citizens. How?

I question your transparency:

Not people, personality;

Honesty can't promise your peace,

But the truth is what we must see

City structures weigh on my sight,

The night sky alight with its bright

pearls, punctuating a piece of

fiction farther than Great Father,

just imagine. I wish to look up.

Not bound by fear for decisions.

Unshackled from expectation.

A sable canvas of mood.

Adolescents rebel against their Mother.

Factories, stapled onto her, exhale poisons.

Plants plant themselves ironically.

Showing sophisticated sophistication as representative of their nation.

Tinted by rage and bliss,

The twit on Twitter tattles to make and kiss.

He won already. What's everybody murmuring about?

As he stands up and takes one last look at the Mirror.

Go figure. Puts the win in the Pooh.

Wants the bill to bubble bigger.

Nothing to stop, but common sense.

But common sense went over the fence.

A cheque laced with violet ink and longtime debt

Is put down and paraded as a show of regret

But yet it is so easy to be forgotten

A price paid once is not worth years of superimposed supremacy

Well being and education. The two singular priorities.

Health and knowledge. Two isolated philosophies.

Taught weekly the facts.

Explained regularly the statistics.

I now know how light bulbs came into existence.

Because a doctor is successful.

A scientist profits.

A lawyer is economic.

And a mathematician solves the problems.

But who's going to solve this?