Fearless Futures' workshops challenge the root cause of gender norms and inequalities

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Fearless Futures is a social justice organisation running equality and leadership development programmes for girls in schools and women and men in the workplace. Their multi-weeks workshops aim to "engage people in critical thinking to understand and challenge the root cause of inequalities and to grow powerful new leadership for transformative change".

Here's their approach to working with organisations:

We are explicit about power and privilege because effective social change entails honesty and clarity about the root causes of inequalities.

It simply is not enough to give people a list of “what to avoid saying and doing” for specific categories of people. The world is more complex than that and context is ever-shifting. Instead, we support participants to develop their own internalised framework to navigate positively and powerfully through the world, and the tools to put it into practice.

Through experiential learning and critical thought participants develop a cognitive process that sustains long after the trainers have left and the workbooks are closed.

Our extensive work in challenging inequalities and building transformative leadership with women and our partnership with The Great Initiative who have expertise in the complex area of masculinity studies, has brought us to a model of engagement that does not focus on ‘either/or’.

We specifically challenge the idea that gender inequality is a “woman’s issue”. As such, we craft ways for men to productively explore issues around masculinities. This is especially crucial as the culture of organisations can privilege some forms of masculinity. To dismantle these practices, men and women must engage in challenging the potential harm of masculinity and stand in solidarity with one another.

We work with people across all industries because inequalities manifest whether you’re in advertising, technology, the law, academia, design, publishing, the third sector, health, retail, construction and beyond. While your organisation may have unique quirks, our approach supports participants precisely with sustainable and flexible tools to recognise the context-dependent ways inequalities show up and the role they can play in challenging them.

The video below offers a look inside their workshops - with some testimonial from participants. 

Founder and chief executive of Fearless Futures, Hanna Naima McCloskey, and Sara Shahvisi, director of programmes, recently wrote an article in The Guardian offering practical advise for school teachers on how to work with issues such as sexual harassment, and how to initiate conversation about gender with both their students and colleagues.

In the article they stressed the importance of sex education going beyond biology by teaching respect in relationships, rights, sexuality and consent. In this way, they aim to eliminate gender norms and create a foundation for healthy relationships at a young age. 

On Fearless Futures' school programme, girls explore concepts such as power and self-worth, courage and resilience, and gender and inequalities. Read more about the programme here

Fearless Futures also run workshops and events in London, open to everyone. Find more info on their eventbrite page

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