This week in LA: artists and activists come together to disrupt, inspire, and envision a better world at 'Into Action'


We are in the midst of designing a series of political laboratories happening in Devon in the first half 2018 - while in the early stages of planning a London lab series. More info to come!

Our political labs must feel different than the traditional political gatherings. They will include art and movement - as we believe in the power of art to awaken us to what is possible and move us into action. To enhance our horizon we are constantly sourcing inspiration - looking for "tools and tales" on how to best facilitate a process of this kind. 

Brought to our attention on Twitter by Nicolas B. Aziz, a New Orleans writer and arts curator whose work we featured in a blog last week, INTO ACTION is a new social justice, arts and community festival starting this Saturday and continuing for eight whole days in Downtown LA. 

Here's what they are about:

Artists help us make sense of the world around us. They help us challenge injustice, question what we accept as normal, manifest new futures and inspire us into action. When artists and activists come together, when creativity and organizing combine, lasting answers emerge.

INTO ACTION is a large scale pop-up art exhibition, cultural gathering and community organizing action hub in Los Angeles featuring hundreds of inspiring works of art. INTO ACTION will also house dozens of professionally crafted installations by world-renowned artists, as well as over 25 hours of live performances, symposiums/panels, and workshops.

Over the course of a week, that includes Martin Luther King Day, the anniversary of the Inauguration of President Trump, and the commemoration of the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March, INTO ACTION brings together hundreds of our nation’s most prolific and talented visual artists, young activists, musicians, poets, policymakers and community leaders to face the pain and beauty of the year past, while we plan and organize for the year to come.

Imagine a week that will question what is accepted as “normal,” and manifest a future that embodies our ideals. Insert #INTOACTION. Together, we will issue a call for empathy, accountability, equality, and compassion and manifest a more just society and build momentum for the year to come.

We will declare + define our shared values; celebrate diversity; stand up against hate and inequality; highlight the power of a government that works for all people; + galvanize participants into deep discussion + renewed political engagement. We are here to disrupt, inspire, and envisioned a better world. 

We demand more from our justice systems, education systems, and each other. This January, we illuminate our resilience. We take back our hope.

All events at INTO ACTION are completely free to attend - and the program (check it out here) looks impressively appealing and diverse. For those for us admiring from afar, some events will be live streamed on their social media accounts - Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter

How could we make something like this happen in the UK? Mail us with ideas and interest.