Bradley Theodore: "I was either going to kill myself or paint. So I decided to paint"

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Time for a story of how we with determination and dedication, can reinvent our lives and careers, and become the artists, the friends, the innovators, the world-changers, or simply just the humans we dream to be. How what we might consider a life crisis, is not just the end of one thing but much more so the beginning of something new.

Today Bradley Theodore is enjoying commercial success as an artist but being a contemporary artist was never in the plans for him. He always dreamt of being a painter but didn't know how or what to paint. As a kid, he became involved in the graffiti scene and later studied art history in college, but failed twice. He started to doubt his abilities.  

When going through a dark period in his life, feeling as if he was failing at the safe career path he had chosen and at life, he found himself with two choices in his head: "I'm either going to kill myself or I'm going to paint". So he decided to paint. Although his first painting didn't look quite right, he kept on going. Every day he woke up, retrieved his determination and began to paint. Eventually, his style just came out. 

Watch the story of how he turned his life around and became the artist he is today, presented in the short documentary Becoming: Bradley Theodore by Matt Pizzano, below: