Earth 2030-2050: a wealth of predictions from Kapersky Lab. Add your own!

Representatives from A/UK were delighted to speak at London Futures' Agenda For The Future, Sat 2nd September (see Pat Kane's slides here). It's an interesting challenge - how do you visualise the future, and how do you make that process participative? On the D.A., we have a strong Futures theme which has explored this over the last six months. 

Here's another decent try. The tech consultancy Kapersky Lab has created an interactive globe, which maps three calendar dates (2030-2040-2050) onto a Matrix-like experience. You can dive into some pre-prepared scenarios - we enjoyed the 360-degree simulation of a Barcelona high-street over these three dates (below, 2050):

But what's fun is you can suggest your own prediction, Kapersky will consider, and then map them to hotspots on the planet. Designers can also submit their own 360 degree and other visualisations.