Rethinking Activism - by building a temporary city within a city

Our Danish cousins are a constant inspiration. Here's news of Rethink Activism, a weekend long event on Sept 15th-17th 2017 in the city of Aarhus. They're going to build a "city within the city - with a school, a factory, a city hall, a cultural center/day centre/health centre and so on. We put the activists on stage and through a program of 150 events we rethink the city from the bottom up".

More context here

Today’s Danish society has been shaped by an array of popular movements: the cooperative movement, the folk high school movement, the labour movement. Are we witnessing the making of a new movement? Taking a look around, we discover a revived creativity and capacity for action. People who take matters into their own hands, creating solutions where they find that something is missing. They are engaged citizens, entrepreneurs or activists, from all parts of society – and they participate actively in shaping their own community.

You'll see from the programme events conducted in English that one of our close associates, Peter and Annabel from Flatpack Democracy, are speaking about rethinking politics, along with reps from Barcelona En Comu. 

For more info, contact here.