For the weekend: some alternative city experiences

This week we're highlighting new social constitutes - ways for people to come together in the otherwise impersonal cityscape and experience art and intimacy. In what we might already describe as the post-Uber moment, this is not about scale, but about quality.

With Sofar, any one can use their front room to help city dwellers, normally hunched in front of their screens, move gingerly into a friendly, connected space which also, conveniently, offers a platform for hidden talent.  In the age of liking and copying, small is the new big. 


If you like secrets and discovering new music, keep your ear to the ground for Sofar Sounds. Gigs happening in cities all over the UK. 

deptford cinema.jpeg

In a similar spirit, Deptford Cinema was born out of a desire to find a way for locals to meet, share some art beyond the mainstream, and create a belonging - all without breaking the bank. It helps that there was no competition - in its third year its the oldest cinema in Deptford. Yet it's not a passive offering, with all patrons invited to take their turn in curating and running the show. Check them out here.

In this era of entrepreneurial energy, where new ideas for responding to our ever better expressed social needs are appearing every day, what can you dream up that would meet a clear need - or desire - in your neighbourhood? Using mostly resources that are easy to come by, and resulting in new ways of building social bonds. We've seen pop up theatres, clubs, restaurants - in homes and empty buildings. What next? Let us know at if you need our attention for your offering.