Beercycling: why not try a pisner or toast ale?

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If the bank holiday weekend is a time for you to enjoy a few extra beers, why not try a pisner or toast ale - brewed with both a good sense of humour and creativity while exploring innovative ideas of what it means to recycle. 

Pisner is produced from fields of malting barley fertilised with human urine rather than traditional animal manure or factory-made plant nutrients. The waste was collected from Roskilde, northern Europe's largest music festival, two years ago. The 50,000 litres collected from that festival resulted in enough malting barley to brew around 60,000 bottles of the beer. The Danish Brewery behind the beer, Norrebro Bryghus, says the final product won't contain any human waste or tastes even a bit like urine.

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Toast Ale is an award-winning craft beer brewed with unsold loaves from bakeries and unused crusts from sandwich makers. 44% of bread is wasted and Toast Ale is on a mission to change that. The only other ingredients are hops, yeast and water. All profits go to the charity Feedback - working to end food waste.

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