One World At Play... with a nearly indestructible football

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A great way to get an indestructible football into your life - and into the lives of children throughout the world. The One World Play project asks you to buy a ball, which donates another to one of their many global projects.

They are real evangelists for the power of play:

Play is in our DNA. At One World Play Project, we’re turning the world into a field of play. The benefits of play are almost immeasurable. Play empowers and connects us. It enables hope, opportunity and optimism. To us, there is nothing more essential than play. Play doesn’t just belong on the schoolyard—it heals and rebuilds communities devastated by war, disaster, disease and poverty. Through play, we help individuals and communities thrive and transform themselves and the world. There are many benefits of play.

The 2016 documentary Bounce: How The Ball Taught The World To Play (which features Pat Kane, The Alternative UK's co-initiator) shows the science and history behind this organisation's claim. The trailer is below, and the full film is downloadable/streamable here: