A "Future Steward" is someone who takes leadership on climate change

A necessary leadership programme - and that can't always be said - which posits that the urgency of climate change requires "Future Stewards". 

From their blurb: 

We will create the cadre of leaders needed to achieve breakthroughs in addressing climate change by 2020 – within the timeframe that science demands to:

  • Bend the curve of risk and negative impact.
  • Keep the world within 1.5 degrees of warming.
  • Protect the most vulnerable populations.

We need urgent, global action.

COPs 21&22 signalled a shift from the pursuit of a mandate to address climate change, towards fast-paced implementation at scale. Bending the curve of emissions by 2020 is the only way to keep global warming within sustainable limits, making 2020 the ‘Climate Turning Point’. This will require an exponentially greater level of co-ordinated response than we’ve seen to date.

We are struggling with complexity.

The climate community has yet to connect long-term impact with present-day priorities. We need to weave the science into short and mid-term business and government agendas.

We have the means to improve our capacity to act.

We require extraordinary levels of collaboration between parties with differing priorities. This involves deeper and messier partnerships that are strong enough to execute a series of ‘moon shots’ over the next decade. Leaders will need to be courageous and open to all possibilities – even when this requires transformation of themselves and their own organisations.

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