To "thrive": In a changing world, what does it mean, and how do we get there?

One of our great pals, Neal Lawson from Compass, alerts us to this meeting (Eventbrite link)  happening on June 28th 2017, at Coin Street Centre London. It's timed to the publication of Thrive: Schools Reinvented For The Real Challenges We Face - a volume from one of the founders of the Innovation Unit

The perspective on children's thriving - as the book puts it, taking "a deep look at the nature of the change around us - particularly within environment, technology, and human evolution - and get specific about what our children need to learn if they are to flourish in this emerging world, and help shape it for the better" - is extended to adult life too, with additional speakers like the sustainability guru Tim Jackson. 

Well worth your time - here's the ticket link again and a PDF