The Alternative UK Manifestos. 1: Sarah Stein Lubrano, School of Life

Welcome to our week of Alternative UK Manifestos - a "seriously playful" exercise! We have asked some of our friends, peers and colleagues to send in short lists of policies, asking them to be as true to their own specialism and practice as possible.

No matter what the electoral outcome on June 8th, at the Alternative UK we believe that citizens should be driving our policy priorities, not the "usual suspects" and ideas-cliques of the party-political classes. And even those 2% would benefit from the bubbling-up of civic and active enthusiasm from the 98% of the rest of us. 

Our first manifesto is from Sarah Stein Lubrano, who is on the faculty of The School Of Life, as a researcher, writer, and designer.

* * *

My Alternative Manifesto - Sarah Stein Lubrano

++ Free psychotherapy of all types and kinds. Encouraged for all and not just the "ill".

++ Childcare collectives run by parents in various ways, maybe even as a rotation in their homes, but subsidized publicly where needed

++ Subsidized housing for elderly people that they can design and run themselves in a communal way. People come to eat and talk with them as a regular habit, daycares are run there. This should be a place of warmth but also prestige, a cool and respected thing to do with your time. You are learning from your elders.

++ Neighbourhood canteens to cut down time spent cooking per week (and especially weekday) and increase up-time with neighbours

++ Carbon capture research and active rewilding

++ City centres without cars!

++ Reduced workweeks - especially for those who work manual labour or service jobs, but in general for all of us. Along with this, encouragement of people to spend their newly-freed time getting involved in politics and serving others. 

++ Mandatory working from home two days a week (say) for all office-style jobs. This means less transit madness, more time for families.

++ More detailed thank-you notes about where our tax money has gone, to get us enthused about paying our taxes. Regular TV programmes praising good use of public funds and making things like infrastructure and public commons very sexy. 

++ A citizen's dividend and increasing common ownership of natural resources and other commons like the internet. 

++ Big public thankyous/parades/honours awarded/whatever if a wealthy person gives most of their money away to a central public fund. This type of fund becomes a public pot, and people will get a vote on how it will be spent. (It could also be invested in the Citizen's dividend). Huge prestige is thus given publicly to ridding oneself of major private wealth (that is, until we live in fully automated luxury communism).

++ Those who handle large sums of public money should be put in uniforms that signal that they are, ultimately, public servants. This includes anyone who has to manage pension fund money - even if they run a hedge fund, they should wear a stylised uniform. They should know who they work for. A last thought--perhaps the same should go for politicians!

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