All data is credit data: Beverley Skeggs

Very clear video that explains what happens to our data collected on social media and other online activity - and how it goes straight to the credit agencies. Bev Skaggs, a sociologist at Goldsmiths' College, explains above.

Here's a transcript, and here's an extract: 

How much do we know about the data broker industry?

Beverley Skeggs: Very very little. They are beyond regulation, they refused to appear before the US Senate or the Federal Commission. I’d say we know very very little about them. They are the real dark side of the net, because they are the people who are compiling, assessing and trading your data. If you are a child born now, they will be assessing your data right from the start. We have no idea what you’re being traded for or what your value is – the literal economic transaction we do not know. I would say they are the most powerful form of classification we now experience.