Tired of the old economic model? You're *so* not alone

As the electoral ****storm rages around us, we feel we should keep bringing you evidence of rude health in the way that people think, and act, about policy. You'll probably leave the polling booth in June thinking, "all the policies I didn't have a chance to vote for, missing from my particular party's manifesto..."

So let's keep in touch with the tens of thousands of organisations, thinkers and enterprises who are exploring alternatives and "adjacent possibles". 

A great example this morning is this post from the Real Economy Lab, run by Jules Peck. It's a dizzying list of initiatives and perspectives around the idea of what a better economics could be.

Save this one to your bookmarks or desktop, and then retrieve the next time you despair at another party-political chancellor (or their shadows) stuck in their tramlines of economic possibility.

The list is below: 

Open Data and Information Technology [transparency + accountability]

Collaborative Inquiry, Research, Theoretical Development [innovation + adaptation]

Networking, Convening, Community Building [collaboration + coordination]

  • 2nd annual CommonBound conference of the New Economy Coalition

  • Inaugural NESI Forum (in development) neweconomyforum.org
  • New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) growth
  • SOCAP16 Social Capital Markets annual conference
  • Resourcing a just transition – EDGE Funders Alliance annual conference

Education, Capacity Building, Knowledge Sharing [awareness + education]

Grassroots Networks and Movements [commons + interdependence]

Political Actions and Platforms/Parties/Coalitions [democratisation + decentralisation]

Financial Game Changers, Business Models and Funding [renewal and restoration]

Media platforms and influencers [cultural vitality + celebration]

* * *

Anything missing? The Real Economy Lab are looking for your recommendations here