Inventing The Future: Crowdfunding The Documentary

We are very interested in arguments about post-capitalism in A/UK - for example, the work of Paul Mason and Jeremy Rifkin, and also Nick Srnicek’s and Alex Williams' Inventing The Future.

Post-capitalism is different from anti-capitalism. It means that the seeds of a better balanced, more flourishing society lie within our current arrangements of technology, power and resources: it can grow out of current tendencies (like automation, or the demand for more wellbeing, or climate change pushing migration pressures). See this paper, New Times, from one of our initiators, Indra Adnan (co-written with Neal Lawson) for a rich overview. 

But like any good book these days, it must inspire its documentary - and here is the crowdfunder for Inventing The Future: The Documentary. The director is Isiah Medina, lauded by the BFI as "rethinking the possibilities and language of cinematic form” - and his teaser short is embedded above.

pat kane