The People's Bank of Govanhill: inventing a currency of care

Another great video of "creative activism" from the multimedia journalist Hazel Sheffield (here's a link to her recent movies).

This one records a morning's mapping of the work (paid and unpaid) put in by Roma and Muslim women in the Govanhill area of Glasgow - part of a project by the artist Ailie Rutherford called "The People's Bank of Govanhill". This aims at building the will and desire for a local currency, from rich engagements with communities. 

From their About page:

The People’s Bank of Govanhill was intiated by artist Ailie Rutherford during her residency at Govanhill Baths in 2015

What began as a series of currency experiments and exchanges has grown into a long term project, mapping the local economy and expanding ideas of community currency to re-define our ideas of value, worth and distribution.

The appropriation and re-interpretation of JK Gibson-Graham’s “Economy as an Iceberg” diagram (from their book Take Back the Economy) has provided a useful metaphor in facilitating conversations about Govanhill’s thriving alternative economy.

The project takes Govanhill's existing alternative economy as its starting point, considering the diversity and richness of the local community as a form of wealth.

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