Good For Nothing - getting stuff done through a "rebellion of the heart"

We want The Alternative UK to be a portal, a curation, that points people to exciting new forms of creative activism going on all over these islands, Europe and the world.

So in that spirit, welcome to Good For Nothing - an inspirational UK organisation which has structured itself to support "diverse groups of people collaborating, working in new, faster, funner and better ways".

They support "ideas and people that are leading the way to what a flourishing 21st century might look like" - and they do so through encouraging events that apply creativity to hands-on problems in diverse communities. 

We really like their rules on how they "get stuff done". Good advice!

  1. Doing, not talking

    It's not that hard to talk clever and think big; there's an oversupply of that in our world. Too often big thinking doesn't lead to big doing, yet there are so many problems that need a bit of Do. Roll up your sleeves and fail gloriously. Good for Nothing is permission to have a go, get involved, participate and try stuff.

  2. Collaborate and experiment

    These are words we all hear a lot. But true collaboration – where real diversity and openness is welcomed, where we let go of power and control, where we self-organise and allow ideas and energy to emerge more naturally and where we prototype and develop them rapidly – is hard to come by. We want more of it.

  3. Support the true innovators

    We give creative energy to the real innovators trying to make positive change happen. Most of the exciting social, environmental and human innovation is happening at the grass-roots. We provide creative support to those pioneers. We think that can help accelerate positive change and impact.